Wallace Wilkins serves as leadership coach, ppsychologist, conflict mediator, organizational consultant and professional speaker. His practical, solution-focused services bring benefits to individuals, teams and organizations across public and private sectors.
Leadership Coach
Wally’s one-on-one coaching helps executives, managers and entrepreneurs take charge of their career advancement without unnecessary worry, procrastination or regret. New thinking strategies enable them to achieve outstanding goals without the demands of perfectionism. By maintaining can-do attitudes and win/win relationships, you can enjoy greater success and satisfaction without distress, conflicts, anger or negativity.
As a clinical psychologist, Wally counsels adults with mood problems (depression, anxiety, anger), substance use (alcohol, tobacco, drugs, food), stress, behavior problems, impulse control, relationships and self-esteem. Clients develop insight, understanding and action steps to change their lives. They learn how to alter self-limiting behaviors, enhance self-image, improve confidence and advance their skills to deal with life’s challenges.
Conflict Mediator/Trainer
Wally serves as mediator to resolve workplace conflicts—even long-standing disputes. As Senior Consultant and Master Trainer for the Resolution Resource Center, he also conducts on-site training programs. His workshops show managers how to mediate conflicts among their employees—and how to improve their own relationships. You can address conflicts early, resolve them effectively and prevent their recurrence.
Organizational Consultant to Management
Wally shows how organizations can implement specific strategies to increase employee productivity and decrease workplace negativity. By examining and modifying organizational structures and operations, you can prevent conflicts, minimize stress and reduce the risk of financial losses—losses that occur when negativity and unresolved conflicts escalate into expensive grievances, disciplinary actions, healthcare costs, litigation or violence. Wally consults with you about your sensitive personnel issues.
Professional Speaker/Seminar Facilitator
Wally’s practical, uplifting keynotes and skillshops are designed to enhance moods, relationships and performance at work—particularly during periods of rapid change. He writes and speaks about powerful strategies for individuals and teams to create low-stress, low-conflict, high achievement. His practical, “how-to” programs are filled with insights and peppered with humor. You can tailor-make your employee development programs and your executive retreats by choosing these popular topics and more:

• Navigating Change, Turmoil, Surprises & Setbacks
• Conflict Resolution Skills for Managers
• Leading with "Yes!"for Optimal Success
• Developing Resilience
• Dealing with Workplace Anger (Your Own and Others’)
• Power Thinking for Audacious Success
• Stress Prevention—Beyond Stress Management
• Positive Communication for Positive Mood and Performance
• Workplace Bullying: How to Identify & Intercede
• Supervisory Leadership through Change
• Overcome Perfectionism and Procrastination Now!
• Change Your Unwanted Habits, Behaviors and Moods

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