You can select from these three topics, or tailor-make a seminar to fit your goals. Programs range from uplifting, half-hour keynotes to two-day, "how-to" skillshops.
Conflict Resolution Skills for Leaders
If you think you can’t do much about workplace conflicts, think again. This skillshop provides leaders with skills to approach and resolve conflicts among their employees. Learn how to prepare reluctant people for mediation. Instead of avoiding conflicts, you can prevent conflicts from escalating into expensive grievances, litigation or violence. You can learn how to resolve your own conflicts without waiting for a mediator. Hands-on practice prepares managers to begin mediating the next workday.
Defusing Workplace Anger (Your Own & Others’)
Higher demands, time pressures and less personal control lead to greater frustration and shorter fuses. By identifying the one cause of anger that you can control, you’ll help yourself and others eliminate anger from your team. Let go of aggravating grudges, too. This program will also show you practical methods to deal with angry co-workers and customers.
Win/Win Communication for Effective Teamwork
Practice a fresh, engaging communication strategy that makes your co-workers and customers eager to hear your message. Trade competitive relationships for all-gain outcomes. By focusing on solutions, not blame, you can transform diverse perspectives into effective alliances.
Workplace Bullying/Belligerence
This single workshop serves three goals. (1) Bullies identify causes of and alternatives to their intimidating belligerence. (2) People targeted by a bully learn how to increase their power to deal with bullies, rather than passively enduring their dread and distress. (3) Administrators implement constructive strategies to prevent bullying—and expensive grievances, litigation and employee turn-over.
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